Saturday, September 29, 2007

Letterkenny - Town councillors encouraged to talk in Irish

(Sept 28, 2007)

"A new Irish language Programme was presented recently to Letterkenny Town Councillors by the County Council's Irish Language Development Officer Mr Seán Ó Daimhín."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fág Nuacht TG4 sa Ghaeltacht

This piece has apparently aged off of Lá Nua's system (oops - where's my time machine?) but I'll put it up here anyways. See the comments for a short word list to start you off.
Fág Nuacht TG4 sa Ghaeltacht - 09/11/2007
Concubhar Ó Liatháin
Tá sé ráite ag an Aire a shínigh an t-ordu a bhunaigh TnaG in 1996 nár mhaith leis ar chor ar bith go mbogfaí an tseirbhís nuachta ó Bhaile na hAbhann go Cathair na Gaillimhe.
Dar leis an Teachta Dála, Micheál D. Ó hUiginn, gurbh fhearr i bhfad an tseirbhís a bheadh le fáil dá bhfanfadh sé mar atá sé ag ceanncheathru TG4.
“Is é sin an mhian a bhí agam ag an tús agus níl aon athrú tagtha ar mo sheasamh ar an cheist ó shin,” arsa an Teachta Ó hUiginn le Lá Nua, inné. Dhearbhaigh sé go raibh díospóireacht ann ar an cheist seo nuair a bunaíodh Teilifís na Gaeilge in 1996 ach gur sheas sé an fód ar cheist shuíomh an tseirbhís nuachta.
Ó thuairiscigh Lá Nua an scéal seo den chéad uair, an tseachtain seo caite, tá RTÉ ina dtost faoi.
Tuigtear don nuachtán anois, áfach, go raibh an cheist le plé ag cruinniú de choiste feidhmiúcháin RTÉ, aréir nó maidin inniu.
Ag an phointe seo, ceaptar nach ndéanfar aon chinneadh ar an mholadh seirbhís nuachta TG4 a bhogadh go Gaillimh go ceann coicíse.

Dunnes goes bilingual in Rahoon and Briarhill

(Sept 27, 2007)

"Dunnes two new stores in Rahoon and Briarhill have been applauded for incorporating the Irish language into their signage."

Carlow - Bilingual Town Status meeting

(Sept 26, 2007)
"The campaign to achieve Bilingual Town Status for Carlow is gaining momentum and there is infectious enthusiasm for the idea."

Naming of road prompts lengthy debate in Ballina

(Sept 26, 2007)

"At Ballina Town Council’s September monthly meeting a request to change the name of a new road created consternation in the chamber. What name should be chosen? Should it be an English name or an Irish name? Should the Councillors decide themselves or should they consult with the public?"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oireachtas na Samhna news

Festival to bring 20,000 visitors to Westport (Sept 20, 2007)

"Ireland's largest Irish cultural festival, ‘Oireachtas na Samhna’, will be held in Westport in November."

Huge surge in Mayo interest in Oireachtas (Sept 26, 2007)

"Interest in the Oireachtas competitions, which are to be held in Mayo this year, has exceeded all expectations forcing the organising committee to extend the deadline for entries to all competitions to the end of September."

Film Interview – Colm Meaney / ‘Kings’

Some of this interview was previously published, I think, but not all of it.
King For A Day (Sept 27?, 2007)
"With the bulk of ‘Kings’ being spoken as Gaeilge, the director thought it wise to take his cast to Irish-language bootcamp in Connemara. Colm Meaney didn’t go, feeling he had enough of a grasp on his native tongue to get by. Then again, he wasn’t working off the same page as the other actors. Literally."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Colin and Cumberland

.....So I'm in this thing called school, and while in the larger picture I'm trying to figure out where I went so horribly wrong, I'm taking solace in the opportunities to see and do new things. For one of my classes I'm supposed to find an exemplary language-learning web site to present to the class. I'm down to hours-to-go (pardon me while I get the hyperventilating under control) with no particular luck...except that I have been reminded of the existence of Colin and Cumberland. I recall being at a conference where reps of some stripe gave a presentation about the project, just on the verge of being launched at that point. If I remember correctly, at that point it was only in Welsh, with plans for Irish and Gaelic off in the future yet.
.....Colin's a newcomer to town, having just inherited a run-down house and a dog from his grandmother. Cumberland's the dog, who is not only secretly able to speak, but is also fluent in the non-English language of the town. Quoting from the Irish section of the web site, "Colin & Cumberland is an introduction to the Irish language through television, radio and online. Short animated television programmes based on the comic capers of Colin and Cumberland introduce the viewer to their world and encourage them to visit this games-rich website and learn some key Irish phrases."
.....I don't know that this is the exemplary learning site I've been seeking, but I'll admit to having been sucked in for hours, between two of the three languages offered. I started with the Welsh site (canúint an tuaiscirt) but switched to Irish when I got a little too frustrated by the lack of translation/explanation. What can I say, I like structure.
.....In its defense, I am not in its target audience, at least from what I can tell. The tag line is "bone up your (Irish/Gaelic/Welsh)" -- in other words, people in Great Britain who may have at least a low-level exposure to the language in question on a daily basis. In that sense I think it succeeds in its attempt. It gets a user's attention and holds it with games and resources and the clips that were run on television in conjunction with the program. In keeping with the Great Britain focus, the Irish is the northern flavor, which kept me on my toes to be sure. I'm familiar enough with it, though, to catch that a few of the characters have, um, highly stylized voices. I'd suspected as much, when I was playing with the Welsh site, but just couldn't be sure. I wouldn't want this to be an absolute beginner's only auditory input for this reason, but I for one am looking forward to going back when I have free time to play. That's July 2008, I think.
.....So...anyone know of a really good language learning site? For any language?...
.....In other fun news: "MacGyver says 'Halo' to Ireland!" (nothing to do with Irish, though)

Irish Language Commissioner challenges TDs and senators to use more Irish

Shannon clash on cards as Dail finally reopens (Sept 25, 2007)

"Meanwhile, all 226 members of the Dail and Seanad have been personally challenged to use more Irish in the houses of the Oireachtas."

Ring ready for new role, despite critics

(Sept 25, 2007)

"Westport-based Fine Gael TD Michael Ring has told The Mayo News that he will not be taking Irish lessons but will endeavour to learn a ‘cúpla focal’ to help in his new role. Ring was responding to some heavy criticism in the national media in the past week after he was appointed to the opposition party’s front bench as spokesperson for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, even though he cannot speak the Irish language."

Digital distribution for new Irish film

(Sept 25, 2007)

The new Irish language film Kings was released last week to digital screens throughout Ireland using the latest digital cinema packaging and secure keys."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

More "Kings" news

Apologies for the absence -- who knew school could be taxing?

Irish film selected for Oscars (Sept 12, 2007)

"A film in the Irish language about the heartache of migrant workers has been selected as Ireland's entry for an Oscar."

Irish language film put forward for Oscar (Sept 12, 2007)
"An Irish language film has been submitted for an Oscar for the first time ever, it emerged today."

Film as Gaeilge bids for Oscar (Sept 13, 2007)
"A film in Irish has been submitted for an Oscar -- possibly for the first time ever."

Oscar hopes for Derry-born director (Sept 14, 2007)

"Oscar success could soon shine on Derry as Irish language film 'Kings', directed by local man Tom Collins, has been officially selected for consideration for the 80th Academy Awards."

Back to his roots (Sept 20, 2007)

"'The idea of doing a film as Gaeilge was intriguing from the get-go,' says Meaney. 'I was very surprised, actually, when they called me.'"

A review, of a sort:

Irish movie Kings is oscar bound (Sept 21, 2007)
Based on a stage play this Irish film – in Irish and English and being talked up as a possible entry for the Oscars Best Foreign Language category – is a fine example of solid ensemble playing but an example of the difficulty of translating stage to screen in that it often gets bogged down with chat."

Press Release:

Newgrange Pictures Ltd And Digital Cinema Ltd Release Kings Digitally In Ireland (Sept 21, 2007)
Newgrange Pictures Ltd and Digital Cinema Limited (DCL) are delighted to announce the digital release of the Irish language film KINGS in Ireland."

Two thirds of survey support Irish language signage

(Sept 20, 2007)

"Ballymoney Council has received both letters of support and objection over the erecting of bi-lingual signage on three streets in the Borough."

"I've been speaking Irish for the whole of my life."

(Sept 20, 2007)

"'It's the best school in the world', gushes 11 year old Grian Ni Dhaimhin about her school, Gaelscoil Ui Dhochartaigh."

Sobaldhráma 2009

as Gaeilge:
"Fáilteoidh TG4 roimh iarratais ar chonradh do léiriú sobaldhráma le craoladh i gclársceideal Fhómhar 2009."
i mBéarla:

"TG4 would welcome applications for the production of a soap opera. Up to three seasons of the soap opera might be involved commencing in September 2009."

Clash over school closure criteria

(Sept 18, 2007)

"Education Minister Caitriona Ruane was accused of sectarianism over school closures in an Assembly clash with the DUP's William McCrea. He said Ms Ruane approved an Irish language school in Co Tyrone with 12 Primary One pupils while closing Minterburn Primary School in Caledon which had double the numbers."

'Na Dódaí’

Imagine Media's 'Na Dódaí’ To Start Shooting In Belfast's Blackstaff Studios (Sept 18 2007)

"Series 2 of ‘Na Dódaí’, Imagine Media’s landmark series for young Irish learners, produced for BBC NI and the Irish Language Broadcast Fund, begins shooting in Blackstaff studios on September 19."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ireland selects 'Kings' for Oscars

(Sept 11, 2007)

"'Kings,' directed by Tom Collins and starring Colm Meaney, has been selected as Ireland's entry for best foreign-language film at next year's Academy Awards. It's believed to be the first time an Irish-language movie has been entered in the Oscar race."
[EDIT Sept 12 -- Here's another story with some additional info: Kings is selected for Irish Oscar bid]

Vista boost for Gaelic speakers

For our compatriots literally or figuratively on the other side of the Irish Sea:
Vista boost for Gaelic speakers (August 30, 2007)

"The Gaelic Development Agency Bord na Gaidlaig welcomed the move, which they said was a major development in the learning and teaching of Gaelic."

Tidy Towns

(Sept 11, 2007)

"Westport retained its Gold Medal Award, County Award and Regional Award and added the Building a Bilingual Society Award to its list of honours."

Local boys!

With thanks to Suin for pointing it out:
Hurly Burly (August 27, 2007)
Subscription may be needed. Waaaay down on the page you'll see a mention of Killian, who has been known to show up for class or conversation group when hurling doesn't conflict:

"Ex-pats such as Condon, who provides running commentary during hurling sessions in both English and Gaelic, have kept the sport viable on these shores."

Monday, September 10, 2007


So I'm sitting here slogging through a long article on using technology for second-language learning when I'm suddenly bowled over by the memory of playing a Hangman game as Gaeilge on my old old computer. Obviously all progress must halt. Does anyone know of one that's currently available? I suppose I'd settle for an internet-based version, as long as it's good. And yes, I've done some looking of my own, but so far I'm not impressed.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Article mentioning Irish in Tyrone

MCSC Irish summer school (Sept 6, 2007)

"When Peadar Joe Haughey died in January 1951 a piece of Tyrone's Gaeltacht heritage died with him."

Fun family experiences await at Irish Festival

From Sept 7, 2007 -- Danbury CT again:

"There will be an Irish language workshop for beginners and an evening Ceili (6:30-10:30 p.m.) with the Green Gates Ceili Band."
"Teachers and students of the Irish language classes will give out names in Irish for children and adults."
Oh, fine, I suppose we weren't the first to have this idea. And we're certainly not doing it this weekend, so they're welcome to it.

Irish festival will feature Mass celebrated in Gaelic

Sept 7, 2007 -- Syracuse NY I'm assuming:

"For about 20 years, McColgan, a teacher at Fayetteville-Manlius High School, also has taught Irish to adults in Central New York. Saturday, she and a group of her Irish students will participate in a Roman Catholic Irish Mass being celebrated in Syracuse's Clinton Square as part of the eighth annual Guinness Syracuse Irish Festival."

Tensions grow in language act debate

(Sept 7, 2007)

"Tensions were last night rising between the DUP and Sinn Fein, after the unionist party made it clear it will stand in the way of the bid to pass an Irish Language Act."
Nice adverbial phrase placement, there.

Guinness good for you - official

At the risk of making this into the Gaeilge-and-beer blog....
Guinness good for you - official (Nov 13 2003, but still as true as ever)
With thanks to Glenn for pointing this out to us, and to Mia for pointing it out to Glenn!
"A pint of the black stuff a day may work as well as an aspirin to prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart attacks."
And on this note...don't forget to come out and see us at the Ren Fest this weekend!
[EDIT] Okay, fine, here's some Irish to tie it all together. The magnet on my fridge says "Guinness -- deoch an fhuinnimh" (if I'm seeing all the dots). I like to think this is an assertion that Guinness is the original energy drink.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Irish Library picks Innovative Interfaces' system

"Clare County's library will use Innovative's software to implement an Irish-language version of its online catalog for the first time. The system will also enable patrons to rate books." (Sept 4, 2007)

Annual Irish festival kicks off Friday

Danbury, CT --
"There will be displays illustrating the history of Irish musical instruments, song, dance, language and literature." (Sept 4, 2007)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wes's Words

bolgchainteoir n m3
- ventriloquist

as in...
Nuair a chuir siad gobán ina bhéal, d'fhuaimnigh sé a chuid focal mar a bheadh sé ina bholgchainteoir.

When they put the gag in his mouth, he pronounced his words as if he were a ventriloquist.

Irish Heritage Weekend @ MN Renaissance Festival

Come out and visit Gaeltacht Minnesota at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this weekend! (September 8th and 9th). It's Irish Heritage Weekend. Come around or be square!