Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ulster-Scots gets BBC boost

(April 25, 2008)

“BBC Northern Ireland yesterday announced a share of extra funding of almost £4 million for Ulster-Scots language and culture programming over the next three years.
“BBC Northern Ireland Controller Peter Johnston said: 'This additional investment will increase the range and volume of our output in Irish and Ulster-Scots and will allow us to explore new development opportunities.'”

News onrush to an 6ú lá is fiche Mí Aibreáin

BCI awards funding increase to radio (April 14, 2008)

“Just under €21m was awarded in 2007 to support the production of 457 radio and television programmes, on the themes of Irish culture, heritage and experience, adult literacy and such programmes in the Irish language.”
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Sinn Féin meets Cowen as Robinson takes DUP reins (April 17, 2008)

“The meeting discussed a range of issues including the transfer of powers on policing and justice, the Irish Language Act, the all-Ireland structures and the potential offered by the financial services initiative announced earlier that day.”

Letters: No firm grasp of Irish language (April 20, 2008)

“Sir -- Emer O'Kelly's anecdotal ‘Duirt bean liom...’ assertion last Sunday that there's a ‘deep and widespread hatred of the Irish language in this country’ is unfortunate as it's based more on personal bias than objective reality.”

TV indies face funding chop (April 20, 2008)
“Since its launch, 621 applications have been assessed under the scheme. Just under €21millionwas awarded in 2007 to support the production of 457 radio and television programmes on the themes of Irish culture, heritage and experience, adult literacy and such programmes in the Irish language.”

Ruane in new schools wrangle (April 22, 2008)

“Education Minister Caitriona Ruane was today embroiled in a new controversy as it emerged that a vital strategy to improve the dire reading and maths standards of young people leaving school will be delayed by up to two months - because it has to be translated into Irish.”

Feenish Productions ‘The Wren’s Nest’ Flies to Cúirt (April 22, 2008)

“James Kelly's collection of short poetry films for TG4 entitled ‘Nead an Dreoilín’ (The Wren's Nest) will be premiered at the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Galway this Thursday, 24th April, before receiving its screen debut on Tuesday 29th April at 8pm, on TG4.”

‘Fairytale of Kathmandu’ Set for Edinburgh (April 22, 2008)

“Neasa Ni Chianain’s controversial documentary ‘Fairytale of Kathmandu’ is set to screen in the Document category of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, which takes place from 18th-29th June 2008.”

Applications Open for IFB Reality Bites (April 22, 2008)

“Documentaries can be maximum of 12 minutes duration, with a maximum budget of €20,000 and be produced in either the English or Irish language.”

District set for relations week (April 22, 2008)

“The district will play its part in Community Relations Week with four events taking place in the area. They include 'Dreaming of Tomorrow', a poetry competition celebrating Community Relations Week in Banbridge Library, an Ulster Scots and Irish language event for secondary schools, a quiz night in Rathfriland and a walking treasure hunt and picnic.”

Nemeton Student Takes Smedia Awards by Storm (April 23, 2008)

“Three students in total from the course, which is run by Nemeton in conjunction with WIT were nominated in the Television Production in Irish (Drama) category. This category was judged by TG4 Commissioning Editor Michéal Ó Meallaigh. The category that the students have been nominated in is one of only two Irish language categories which were recently added to the awards ceremony both of which are sponsored by Údarás na Gaeltachta.”

Second gaelscoil planned for Kilkenny (April 23, 2008)

“Kilkenny’s only Gael-scoil is full until 2011 and more than 70 pupils have been turned away for this September. However plans are underway to start a local fund-raising drive to acquire a site for a second gaelscoil for the Marble City.”

Ródseó na Gaeilge – musical legends are come to Ballycastle! (April 23, 2008)

“Ródseó na Gaeilge is coming to Ballycastle! An initiative developed and implemented by the Gaelic language umbrella group, Pobal, the Ródseó uses the arts, especially music, to help promote the spoken Gaelic language.”

Raidio na Gaeltachta will stay ad-free . . . for now (April 24, 2008)

“There are no plans to allow any advertising on Irish language radio station Raidio na Gaeltachta despite interest from some potential advertisers.”

Making waves on a €9m public stipend (April 24, 2008)
“With Radio na Gaeltachta’s profile at new highs after their exclusive on Cathal O Searcaigh and interest in the Irish language peaking thanks to Des Bishop and Brian Cowen, Laura Noonan talks to station boss Edel Ni Chuireain”

Irish village gets its 'harlot' back (April 26, 2008)
“A village in the southwest of Ireland won its battle to get its ancient 'harlot; back on Thursday when a government order officially changed its name in the Irish language.”

Irish Arts Center Hosts Outdoor Fest (April 24, 2008)
[New York City Irish Dance Festival]
“Area two will have Irish language sessions for adults from 1:15 to 2 p.m. and for children at 2:15 p.m., followed by an Irish song circle at 3:30 p.m. and Moloney’s panel discussion at 4:30 p.m.”

Irish for the New Irish (April 25, 2008)
“A fascinating event aiming to introduce foreign nationals to the Irish language will take place in Derry next week.”

‘Fairytale’ is star of Scottish film festival (April 25, 2008)
“A controversial documentary about the Irish poet, Cathal O Searcaigh, is proving to have international appeal, having been selected for the Edinburgh International Film Festival.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gaelscoil pupils 'do better at English reading tests'

(April 23, 2008)
"Children who do not learn English in the first year or two at all-Irish primary schools go on to acquire better reading skills than other pupils, research has found."
[ADDENDUM: If you're just coming in on this story, here are two of the earliest stories we spotted:
Dáil protest over English language move (Nov 13)
Hanafin faces row over new English directive (Dec 31)]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review: Kila’s Colm Goes Solo

(April 16, 2008)
"One of the most exciting bands to come out of Ireland in many a decade is Kila. They are traditional musicians with an almost pagan disregard for the genre, throwing rain sticks, bongo pattering and other international textures into their Irish stew.
"It’s a thrill each time one of them steps away from the pack, and the new release from Colm O’Snodaigh, Giving, is no exception. He trades in the tribal textures for a good old-fashioned acoustic guitar for his first solo album since 1994."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

News marathon to an 19ú lá Mí Aibreáin

HSE apologises for English dental service in Gaeltacht school (April 10, 2008)

“The Tuarascáil Bhliantúil Annual Report 2007, launched on 8 April, has revealed the Health Service Executive, as a result of an investigation, apologised for providing public health dental services in English only for a Gaeltacht school, in breach of an agreed statutory obligation.”

Total immersion is critical if Irish is to be rescued (April 12, 2008)
“If you will it, it is no dream. Yes, an Irish- speaking Ireland -- not exclusively Irish speaking, but bilingual -- can re-emerge. It will require a unity of vision and willpower that has been lacking in Irish politics these past few decades.”

Arrival of Cowen means a change of tactics for FG (April 13, 2008)

“In an unusual opening to the order of business, Kenny spoke entirely in Irish, at some length, and rolled together his congratulation to Cowen on his election, points about RTE, the Irish language and the tenth anniversary of the Good Friday agreement before concluding with a limp question about the Health Service Executive (HSE).”

1916 vision cannot protect Cowen from reality (April 13, 2008)
“In his speech to the Fianna Fáil faithful - or at least to the media after he had addressed the Fianna Fáil faithful - he had a few other priorities: he promised strenuous efforts to promote the Irish language, ‘a revival of patriotism’ (quoting Sean Lemass) and that ‘working together, we will continue to build the republic and to realise the ambition, the hope and promise of the Easter Proclamation.’”

Our Bonnie Prince Brian is all prayer and no porter (April 13, 2008)
“By the close of the week there was even some hope for Enda. Kenny's decision to conduct the entire Order of Business ‘as Gaeilge’ may not have taken a feather out of Mr Cowen but as the Sancerre-sipping West Brits of the press gallery banged their laptops in frustration he terrified 80 per cent of the media.”

TG4 Scoop Gold Marketing Awards (April 16, 2008)
“TG4 has scooped two Gold Awards at the Promax/BDA Europe 2008 Branding and Marketing Awards which took place in Barcelona on April 9th 2008.”

TG4 Seeks Singing Sensation for ‘Nollaig No.1’ (April 16, 2008)
“TG4 is on the search for undiscovered Irish singing talent for its upcoming show ‘Nollaig No.1’, which will see one lucky winner record a single, a music video and aim for the Christmas No. 1. slot in the Irish charts this December.”

Parents to bring Gaelscoil plight to Cowen (April 16, 2008)

“Hot on the heels of Brian Cowen's landmark commitment to the Irish language and patriotism, the headmaster of the Gaelscoil Phortlaoise has called on parents to highlight the plight of their school children to the incoming Taoiseach and other local TDs and Councillors.”

I feel native tongue tied (April 17, 2008)

“What’s this? Just when I think I might try and copy Des Bishop and conquer my aversion to the Gaeilge, on comes a Taoiseach designate who insists on breaking into Irish every time he opens his mouth, while the opposition leader, Enda Kenny, ups the ante and tries to outdo him with the blas. What's the Irish for bankrupt anyway?”

Ródseó na Gaeilge at Dún Uladh (April 17, 2007)

“Ródseó na Gaeilge is out on the road again during April 2008. An initiative developed and implemented by the Irish language umbrella group, Pobal, the Ródseó uses the Arts, especially music, to help promote the spoken Irish language.”

Cúirt to host premiere screening of Nead an Dreoilín (April 17, 2008)

“The Cúirt festival will host the premiere screening of Nead an Dreoilín (The Wren’s Nest) in the Town Hall Theatre on Thursday April 24 at 2pm. Nead an Dreoilín is a collection of short films exploring the poetry of six living Irish language poets.”

Gnó Mhaigh Eo to support businesses that promote Irish (April 18, 2008)

“Individuals and companies in Mayo that are eager to incorporate the Irish language in their work ethos can now avail of a new support network, advice and consultancy from Gnó Mhaigh Eo.”

Keeping the Lingua Franca! (April 18, 2008)
“A rare half an hour in control of the remote led to me to watch an innovative programme by comedian Des Bishop entitled ‘In the Name of the Fada’.”

Prestigious award for Achill Tourism (April 18, 2008)

“Achill Tourism was the overall winner in Gradam Gnó le Gaeilge 2008 in conjunction with Comhlacht Forbartha Áitiúil Acla and Údaras na Gaeltachta.”

Ballina business launches bilingual greeting cards (April 18, 2008)

“Ballina business Wild Ideas, producers of wholesale high-quality handmade greeting cards, are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of bilingual Irish/English greeting cards.”

Guth Gafa Launches Package for Industry Professionals (April 18, 2008)
“The festival will also hold a Screen Training Ireland Masterclass with a top international film-maker (film-maker TBC) and a series of side-bar events including a panel discussion on the future of Irish language broadcasting, a presentation on RTÉ’s regional policy, a panel on activist/grassroots films and a special ‘Radharc’ screening.”

‘Aifric’ Wins at Celtic Media Fest (April 18, 2008)
“IFTA-winning Irish language series ‘Aifric’, produced by Telegael / TG4, scooped the Bronze Torc in the Children’s category on the third day of the Celtic Media Festival, which takes place in Galway from the 16th-18th April, 2008.”

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Kings" viewing opportunities in the Twin Cities area

It's time for the 2008 Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival, and...
......Presented by Cara's Irish Pubs
......Friday, April 25, 7:20 p.m.; St. Anthony
......Saturday, April 26, 6:00 p.m.; St. Anthony
......Ireland - 2007 - 88 Minutes - Director: Tom Collins
I'm so pleased that I think I might forgive them for saying "In Gaelic w/ Eng. subtitles" least for now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

News distraction-from-my-research through an 13ú lá Mí Aibreáin

Western media stars sweep the boards at the 2008 Oireachtas Gradam Cumarsáide Awards (April 3, 2008)

“Irish language media stars swept the boards at the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Gradam Chumarsáide Awards held at Harvey’s Point Hotel in Donegal last weekend.”

Irish language teacher demand soars (April 5, 2008)

“An international renaissance in Irish culture has seen a surging demand for Irish language teachers in US universities and colleges.”

Adult Gaeltacht Documentary Series Seeks Participants (April 7, 2008)

“Mind the Gap Films has launched a nationwide search for participants for their latest documentary series ‘An Bhfuil Cead Agam’. Producers want children to nominate their parents and “turn the tables on the annual Irish bootcamp” by sending them to the Gaeltacht.”

Priest tells parish he is taking legal advice on abuse book 'lies' (April 7, 2008)

“A priest named as giving a reference to a paedophile, in a book on child abuse in the Gaeltacht, has told congregations he is seeking legal advice.”

Irish Language Course in Sao Paulo (April 7, 2008)

“Basic Introduction to the Irish Language is a 12 week course at USP, Sao Paulo.”

Report criticises Irish language services (April 8, 2008)

“Significant breaches of legislation aimed at promoting the Irish language were detected during the past year, with a number of Government departments guilty of not making state services available through Irish.”

Sad passing of Anne Doherty (April 8, 2008)

“There has been a deep sense of sadness and shock in Derry and Inishowen at the sudden death of local woman, Anne Doherty. Anne, who was aged 56, was well known in both Derry and Donegal as a teacher with a love of the Irish language.”

No Irish syllabus for 27 subjects (April 8, 2008)

“An investigation by the Coimisinéir Teanga has revealed that the Department of Education has no Irish-language version of syllabuses available for 27 subjects on the Junior and Leaving Certificate courses.”

Investigation into judge's level of Irish was 'blocked' (April 9, 2008)

“Efforts by the Irish language ombudsman to establish if a district judge appointed to the Donegal Gaeltacht could speak fluent Irish was blocked by the Government, it has emerged today.”

State stops probe into judge's Irish language skills (April 9, 2008)

“An effort by the Irish language ombudsman to establish if a district judge could speak fluent Irish was blocked by the Government.”

Minister Promotes Irish Language (April 9, 2008)
“Well, I would probably be the first to admit that I wouldn’t be the go-to guy for the history of the Irish language here in America, but I do know that last week was certainly a historic one for a couple of reasons. The visit of the grandson of Éamon de Valera, Éamon Ó Cuív, minister for community, rural and Gaeltacht affairs, to New York figured in both of them.”

Content Head Spells Out Gaelic TV Programming Challenge (April 9, 2008)
“Finding niche and distinctive programmes are among the top priorities for the head of content at a soon-to-launch new digital TV station, dedicated to the Gaelic language.”

Cowen "excited but daunted" to become FF leader (April 9, 2008)
“... After introductory remarks as Gaeilge, Mr Cowen told his first press conference that his election as leader of his party was a great honour and the highlight of his political career.”

New Irish language officer for Carlow (April 10, 2008)
“The development of the Irish language in Carlow took a positive step forward with the recent appointment of the county's first ever Oifigeach Gaeilge.”

‘Speak Irish to a policeman now, and you’ll be fined five pound’ (April 10, 2008)
“When I was a schoolboy at the Jes, an unusual man with an unusual name, Claude Chavasse, was occasionally brought from classroom to classroom, accompanied by an bemused teacher. Chavasse spoke Irish with such a strange accident few of us understood him. But he remains in the psyche of people of my generation because of his ancient Celtic dress and saffron kilt. No one wore a kilt in those days so we always had a giggle at the man in a ‘skirt’.”

National awards for Glor Cheatharlach (April 10, 2008)
“A group promoting the use of the Irish language in county Carlow have been awarded two national awards in recognition of their work in the local community.”

'We can make a better Ireland' (April 11, 2008)
“We will see a united Ireland within our lifetime but the real test is that can we make it better. That’s the message Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams brought to Belfast at the first of a series of nine public meetings to be held throughout the North.”
“Responding to a question about the Irish Language Act, Caitríona Ruane described the generosity of many unionist teachers and pupils in greeting her with a few words of welcome in Irish, as compared with the apparent paranoia of some unionist politicians.”

Lehman program helps preserve Irish language (April 11, 2008)
“Dierdre O’Boy, 41, was born of an Irish father and Irish-American mother in New York. Despite coming from such a strong Irish background, she said she wondered why the English-speaking Irish sound so ‘poetic.’”

Xenophobic Irish 'lovers' a turn-off in any language (April 13, 2008)
“An eminent Irish language literary figure said to me last week that she had been startled recently to realise what a deep and widespread hatred there is of the Irish language in this country.”

Friday, April 4, 2008

News hootenanny to an 4ú lá Mí Aibreáin

Gay poet denies he's a 'stud preying on innocent youths' (March 27, 2008)
“Controversial gay poet Cathal O Searcaigh has challenged what he claims are media images of him as some sort of ‘stud’ or ‘stallion’ preying on innocent victims in Nepal.”

Ní Chianáin made proposal to film Ó Searcaigh ‘harem’ (March 30, 2008)
“Neasa Ní Chianáin suggested making a film which would explore ‘the harem of young men’ befriended by Cathal Ó Searcaigh in a proposal made two years before filming the controversial Fairytale of Kathmandu documentary.”

Director 'proposed love story' on life of gay poet (March 31, 2008)
“The maker of a TV documentary about Cathal O Searcaigh suggested three years ago a ‘love story’ centred on how the gay poet had found a ‘muse’ in the young men of Nepal.”

Poet accused of sexual exploitation is "like Wilde" (Apr 1, 2008)

“Speaking on the Irish language station Raidio na Gaeltachta, Cathal O'Searcaigh said he was the victim of a biased documentary, but admitted sexual contact with some of the young men he was finanically aiding.”

Top marks for Bunscoil Cholmcille - Cup winners at Feis Dhoire (Apr 1, 2008)
“The 86th annual Feis Dhoire Cholmcille was hailed a resounding success by the organisers and adjudicators who were amazed at the talent of this year's competitors.”

Irish tradition, American touch: Tionol comes to St. Louis (April 3, 2008)

“In the Gaelic language, a Tionól — loosely translated — refers to a gathering in which knowledge is shared. In recent years, the term has referred to informal gatherings of Irish musicians and their fans, concerts featuring world-class musicians, and workshops devoted to Irish instruments such as Uillean pipes, fiddles and Bodhrán (a frame drum).”

Lecture: The Irish Language (April 2, 2008)

“Eamon O’Cuiv, the Irish minister for community, rural and Gaeltacht affairs, will deliver the 2008 Barra O’Donnabhain Memorial Lecture on the future of the Irish language at NYU’S Glucksman Ireland House, One Washington Mews at Fifth Avenue.”

Minister warns over Irish language (April 3, 2008)

“Ireland needs 250,000 Gaelic speakers by 2028 to save the future of the language, Gaeltacht Minister Eamon O Cuiv has said.”

Kilkenny pilot hits the waves in TG4 show (April 3, 2008)

“Up until last summer Owen Ardill was more used to soaring through the clouds above Kilkenny, but in a new reality TV series for TG4, Owen and nine other sailing novices had little choice but to find their sea legs.”

Get your Gaeilge up to scratch for Junior and Leaving Cert (April 3, 2008)

“Conradh Na Gaeilge will run intensive courses - starting this weekend - for students sitting their Junior and Leaving Cert Irish exams.”

O Cuiv calls for 250,000 Irish speakers to save language (April 4, 2008)
“Ireland needs 250,000 Irish speakers by 2028 to save the future of the language, Gaeltacht Minister Eamon O Cuiv said yesterday.”

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noncredit Irish Language Workshop set for April 12

(April 2, 2008)

"The Center for Irish Studies will continue its decadelong association with Gaeltacht Minnesota, an organization that promotes the Irish language through noncredit classes, programs and events, by jointly sponsoring 'Ceardlann 2008.'”